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Coaching for academic qualification processes

Whether you are heading towards a state examination or a bachelor’s degree,

are on your way to a diploma or master’s examination,

starting your own academic career with a doctoral dissertation,

doing post-doctoral research writing your habilitation thesis or are preparing a presentation or lecture –


it is always my goal to counsel and support you in a practical manner that enables you

to take the next essential steps

to be successful 

and at the same time to stay healthy and balanced. 

With your academic goals in mind

I consider your current institutional affiliation

as well as the specific opportunities of your current personal life situation

to develop and implement with you a methodologically goal-oriented design that measures up to these (often conflicting) goals. 

This approach will enable us to find an immediately viable path to finishing your academic project or thesis

  • in due time

  • at the highest possible quality-level

  • using all given resources in an optimal way 

  • giving you the maximum personal satisfaction. 

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