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Integrated human resource management​​

In many companies and organizations, considerable time and financial resources are invested in the recruitment of new employees with the “right fit” − only to conclude, after initial practical experience (or even after the probationary period has passed), that it would have been better to have chosen another candidate. Such experiences do not fundamentally speak against careful recruitment processes, but they point to the necessary imprecision and limited range of such complex processes. 

Meaningful and sustainable human resource management, in contrast, gives equal consideration right from the beginning to three elements, that are important for the quality of your company/ organization. These three elements integrate your employees’ scope of action and protection, both of which are important not only for the future but also for the current situation:

  1. The established structures, boards and positions that define and determine how 

  2. the processes, procedures and interaction patterns interact with each other and thus

  3. allow for experiences that significantly influence the quality of your employees’ individual work and of the company as a whole.

With regard to these three elements, it is important for us to identify key metrics that integrate your human resources management and make its complexity manageable. You use these tailor-made indicators (not only) to control the processes 

  • for recruiting staff, i.e. for demand planning, recruitment, searches and selection of staff; 

  • but also for personnel management, i.e. the orientation of new employees, personnel maintenance and development in the strict sense, as well as personnel assessment and team development 

  • and finally also for staff separation, i.e. dismissal and termination.

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