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Crisis and conflict intervention

Critical moments are characterized by the fact that they decide the future.

What’s dangerous about such moments is that they require us to think in networks, that they demand the connection between our intuitions and complex metacognitive processes. But what happens instead? We reflexively fall back on primary patterns that have so far effectively protected our survival: Fight, flight, and freeze. These are necessary reactions that we can access instinctively. In the communicative interaction of everyday professional life, however, they are as quickly at hand as they are disfunctional. Instead, it is necessary to get an appropriate understanding of the situation to avoid turning every crisis into a real conflict.

In an initial consultation, we will clarify your current situation: Not all conflicts are "complex"—the inflationary use of this term does not make it more useful. To help clarify escalated conflicts, it is often useful to differentiate between factual and personal aspects of the conflict and handle them differently. Frequently, "complicated" issues can be explained in a calm atmosphere, and "controversial" evaluations sometimes need nothing more - but also nothing less - than the courageous clarification by an authorized executive.

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  • In order to effectively support you in your decisions, I offer a number of coordinated competences and theoretical concepts that have proven their worth in the practical resolution of conflicts over two decades. My interventions

  • strive for dialogical imagination and understanding (Buber, Bohm, and Habermas)

  • include the trans-actions of very different needs (Berne, Riemann, and Thomann) between duration and change, proximity and distance

  • pay attention to mutual appreciation (Honneth) in the implementation of solutions and avoid unnecessary embarrassment (Marks, Wurmser)

  • and integrate approaches from logotherapy (Frankl) and salutogenesis (Antonovsky) in order to find meaningful and healthy solutions.

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