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Executive coaching 

Leadership requires a constant (re-)balancing between responsibility and trust. Good leadership appears to be effortless and at the same time highly effective. As much as talent and skills acquired in advance characterize good managers, it is equally important that leaders distance themselves on a regular basis from the multitude of supposedly urgent duties and make broader decisions about the further course of action in contact with one's own resources.

It is precisely the act of decision making that constitutes the important role of leadership. Nevertheless, this does not mean that it makes more sense in a particular situation to do something or to refrain from doing it. All valuable decisions have a price (link to Habil), though it is often unclear whether you are able and willing to pay it. This is where our coaching comes in:

Whether you are a manager or executive

  • in a new field of action
  • co-responsible for a complex operational reorganization

  • revising your priorities and strategic plans

  • in need of better self-care amid the diversity of external expectations

  • about to make difficult personnel decisions

  • interested in planning for your institutional succession...

external coaching always serves to develop possible scenarios in a confidential setting and consider alternative ways of action.

Through a wide range of methodological approaches, I support you in finding the optimal sustainable leadership intervention in your organizational situation. In doing so, I am guided by the basic conviction that your leadership is effective and healthy if you find a situationally appropriate balance between responsible action and trustful delegation.

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